Tuesday, May 18, 2010

FREE Samples and Coupons!

Help Haagen-Dazs celebrate their 50th anniversary today by enjoying a FREE scoop of one of their classic ice cream flavors!! Just stop in to your nearest Haagen-Dazs location between 4PM and 8PM today, and get your free scoop of delicious chocolate, vanilla, or coffee ice cream. Check here to see if there's a location near you!

Get a FREE sample of Aveda Men's shampoo, just by going here and clicking "Request an Aveda Men's Sample" and fill out your information, and then you a coupon will show up for you to take to an Aveda Salon/Spa to get your sample. No purchase is necessary! Check to see if you have an Aveda Salon/Spa near you

Go here to request a free sample of Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner!

Go here to request a free sample of Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel