Monday, May 10, 2010

FREE summer movies for you and your children!

Trying to find something for you and your children to do to escape that summer heat? Something free? Check out Regal's Free Family Film Festival, which offers select G and PG movies for kids and their parents on select days throughout the week, starting at 10am. These are not brand new movies, but it's a neat program to get to watch a semi-new movie on a huge screen. We LOVE the movie theater experience, so we will definitely take part in this! Here is the schedule for Port Charlotte's theater (check the link above to see if your theater is participating, to see their schedule, and to get more information):

06/08/2010-06/10/2010Tale of Despereaux (G)

Astro Boy (PG)
06/15/2010-06/17/2010Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie (G)

The Spy Next Door (PG)
06/22/2010-06/24/2010Wallace and Gromit (G)

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (PG)
06/29/2010-07/01/2010All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 (G)

Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (PG)
07/06/2010-07/08/2010ARCTIC TALE (G)

Planet 51 (PG)
07/13/2010-07/15/2010Doogal (G)

Alvin And The Chipmunks Squeakquel (PG)
07/20/2010-07/22/2010Charlotte's Web (G)

Monsters Vs. Aliens (PG)
07/27/2010-07/29/2010Pirates Who Don't Do Anything (G)

Night At The Museum II (PG)
08/03/2010-08/05/2010Trumpet Of The Swan (G)

Hotel For Dogs (PG)